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elp Obtaining Compensation For Leg, Knee And Ankle Injuries

Injuries to the leg, knee and ankle are common in the workplace. They can also affect the ability of many employees to work, because these injuries can affect performance and safety. You are eligible for workers’ compensation to cover medical care and lost wages due to leg, knee and ankle injuries.


Since our founding in 1973, we have become one of the most recognized law firms providing representation for workers’ compensation claimants in Arizona. Jerome Gibson, P.C., provides representation for clients who have suffered injuries such as:

  • Leg injuries: We have represented workers who fractured legs in falls and vehicle accidents or received cuts, wounds or any other trauma to their legs.
  • Knee injuries: Workers can obtain compensation if their knees are injured in workplace falls, while using stairs, by lifting heavy objects or in other activities that involve twisting or landing in the wrong way.
  • Ankle injuries: We have represented workers who injured ankles by jumping off a loading dock, falling on stairs or carrying heavy loads. Torn ligaments, strained tendons and other ankle injuries may require surgery in some cases.

Making sure that you have proper medical treatment — and documenting your injuries and treatment — is critical to obtaining the full workers’ comp benefits to which you are entitled. The workers’ compensation system is complicated. Our lawyers can help you ensure that your wages are calculated properly, assist with disputes over medical care and other disputes, and help you through an appeal, if necessary.

Attorneys With Decades Of Experience

At our law firm, you will find experienced attorneys who will advocate for your rights throughout the workers’ compensation process.  With decades of experience in workers’ compensation law, we have helped thousands of workers in Arizona to obtain the benefits they need to recover.

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We offer free case evaluations, and we handle workers’ compensation claims mainly on a contingency fee basis. We do not charge a fee unless you receive benefits. Call us at 602-254-8481, or you may also contact us online.